Racha is located in the highland western Georgia. It is well-known with its spectacular nature and mountains. The region is hemmed by Greater Caucasus Mountains and has possibility to see one of the beautiful Lake Shaori. It has attractive contrast with rocks, hills and mountains around.  Shaori Lake is situated near to village Nikortsminda, which carries name of saint “Nikoloz”.  
Places to see:
· Shaori Lake – From the lake it is possible to see greater Caucasian mountains which is covered with snow even in summertime.

· Sakhinule Cave – natural cave which  origin isn’t known

· Nikortsminda Cathedral – built by Bagrat III, first king of unified Georgian monarchy
· Tskhra Jvari - marvelous view from the top of mountain, which kepts oldest ruins of the monastery
· Barakoni – Orthodox church near the town Ambrolarui

Region is famous with its delicious food and bakery. Tourist has opportunity to taste local dishes and wine “khvanchkara” which is one of the best in Georgia. In a local peasants’ house, tourist can enjoy local food and even see the preparation of the famous Georgian food. They can take a part in cooking and see how the Georgians are preparing it. This event is really fun and memorable.