Kakheti is a region formed in the 1990s in eastern Georgia from the historical province of Kakheti and the small, mountainous province of Tusheti. Telavi is its capital. Kakheti was an independent feudal principality from the end of the eighth century. It was incorporated into the united Georgian Kingdom at the beginning of the eleventh century, but for less than a decade. 


Telavi is the main city and administrative center of Georgia's eastern province of Kakheti. 

First archaeological findings from Telavi date back to Bronze Age. One of the earliest surviving accounts of Telavi is from the 2nd century AD, by Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus, who mentions the name Teleda (a reference to Telavi). Telavi began to transform into a fairly important and large political and administrative center in the 8th century AD.

The Palace of King Erekle II

Heraclius II  (November 7, 1720, or October 7, 1721 [according to C. Toumanoff[1]] — January 11, 1798) was a Georgian monarch of the Bagrationi Dynasty, reigning as the king of Kakheti from 1744 to 1762, and of Kartli and Kakheti from 1762 until 1798.

In Telavi city, tourists have possibility to visit the palace of king Erekle II. Here you can discover king’s oldest weapons and equipment. Room is furniture with his proper item.


Tsinandali is one of the famous historical places in Kakheti region. This is a palace of one of the famous Georgian poet Alexandre Chavchavadze, who lived in XIX century. In the museum public has ability to see: manuscripts, samples of lithography, samples of paintings, household furniture and many different poets’ proper belongings and wealthy painting collection.


  • The main house and museum

  • The park

  • The winery

In 1830 year Alexsander Chavchavadze decided to lay out park at the territory of his house, which today is spread around 12 hectare. The garden displays unique species of world flora.

Having European education and familiar with European culture, brought Alexsander Chavchavadze to create in Georgia one of the first largest winery. He has combined Europeans and Georgians way of making wine and introduced white wine Tsinandali, which is still produced in Tsinandali.  

Wine caller keeps numerous oldest European and Georgian wines. Here we can found out old French wines such as Bordeaux," "Chateau" etc.

On the Tsinandali house museum teritttory, there is a church where famous Russian writer Griboyedov and daughter of Alexandre Chavchavadze, got married.

The Tsinandali House Museum applies tourists whith its extraordinary interior and exterior. It`s halls and rooms drive people to the XIX century and makes clear overview about their living style, interests and amusements.